What is REAL’s Private White Label Program?

May 31, 2024 | Information sourced from Real Broker & compiled by Heather Connor, REALTOR®  | Active Sponsor for Real Broker.

Real’s Private Label program allows eligible independent brokerages to keep the brands that they spent years building – while still benefiting from partnering with Real.

Note: At this time, the Private Label program is unavailable in certain states and provinces due to regionally specific regulations. 

Private Label Agreement

During the private label process, you sign the private label agreement that allows Real to register your brand as a trade name of Real. For example: ABC Realty becomes a brand that operates under Real’s brand. Thereby allowing ABC Realty to continue operating the same name, signage and marketing that currently exists.

Real’s Private Label Agreement is an agreement between Your company and Real that has 2 main functions:

(1) It is an indemnification agreement that all business prior to moving to Real will be the former company’s liability and that Real agrees to take on the liability of all new business after moving to Real.

(2) It is a licensing agreement that acknowledges that you are allowing Real to register the company name with the state as a registered trade name of Real.

Keep Your Brand

Your brand name remains the same on your public facing materials although you may need to add Real’s brokerage license number and/or phone number to all materials (Where applicable per state laws). 


Keep Your Company and Business Model

The private label process does not require changes to your corp docs or your company. You are welcome to keep the LLC/ company open however it will hold no licenses or conduct business.

When you onboard to Real you may elect to have revenue paid to the existing company under that company EIN. Real also allows brokerages to keep their physical location. Real does not have franchise or territory rules however you must follow the proper protocols to registering your location as a branch office of Real.

With that said, you will no longer be the broker. Real’s broker of record will become the broker over the DBA/Trade name.

Keep Your Team

All of your agents will transition their licenses to Real. In the department of licensing each agent’s license will be held by Real and Real’s managing broker will become the managing broker for all agents.



Here is Sharaan Srivatsaa’s full breakdown of Real’s Private Label Program.

If you are considering a change and would like to chat out your personal scenario, just submit a request here. Calls stay confidential and I can help provide access to information you need to help see if this is the right fit for you and possibly your team.

*Disclaimer: We do our best to source factual data from the best resources out there. However, it’s always advised for consumers to perform their own due diligence, confirm accuracy and consult a legal or real estate professional. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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