The 8 Ways to Build Wealth With Real Broker

May 28, 2024 | Information sourced from Real Broker & compiled by Heather Connor, REALTOR®  | Active Sponsor for Real Broker.

Real is anything but your typical brokerage and there’s a reason why we are the fastest-growing publicly-traded brokerage. I was just listening to an interview between BAM and Sharran Srivatsaa and they said fastest-growing in the world(!)

In case you are wondering why, I believe it is for many reasons, including the agent-centric focus. A better agent-experience means happier agents and there is a strong focus on agent growth and support. As well, Real offers multiple ways to build wealth so you can build a future you’re excited and proud of. In this article we are covering the 8 main ways that Real offers its agents in order to build lasting wealth.

  1. Commission income
  2. Stock Purchase Plan (SPP)
  3. Stock Award for Capping
  4. Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) Bonus Incentives
  5. Elite Agent
  6. Elite Agent Cultural Award
  7. Revenue Share Income
  8. Attracting Shares

Here they are and now let’s take a deeper dive into each.


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1. Commission Income

The first option is how the majority of solo agents earn income and that is from earning commissions on your transactions. Real offers one of the most generous brokerage splits for agents:  85/15.  What this means is 85% of the commission goes to the agent and 15% to Real Broker, until the agent caps at $12k.  Then, the agent no longer pays commissions to Real for the remainder of that calendar year.  For agents that join a team within Real, they may have a lower cap of $6k or $4k and a separate team agreement with their team leader.  Agents can even claim up to 3 personal transactions per year which are excluded from the brokerage split. 

2.  Stock Purchase Plan (SPP)

Agents are able to set aside a portion of their commission as an investment, to be used for purchases of Real’s shares. This allows Real agents to develop an equity stake in the company they’re helping to build and grow. Agents can opt out of the Stock Purchase program at any time, however, they can only opt-in once per anniversary year.  Standard contributions come from the individual agent’s portion of the commission less any fees in the following amounts:

3.  Stock Award for Capping

Agents are eligible to earn additional stock awards when they reach the annual cap paid to Real in their anniversary year. Note: these are RSUs with a vesting period of three years and agents must remain in good standing.

4.  Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) Bonus Incentives

Every agent who opts into the SPP is eligible to receive a bonus in the following amounts – effective January 1, 2024.

Note: these are RSUs with a vesting period of one-year.

5.  Elite Agent Production Award

Real’s top-earning agents are eligible for an additional stock award of 16K shares if they meet one of the following criteria after meeting their annual cap:

a. They pay $6K in post-cap transaction fees (or $9k CAD in post-cap transaction fees)
b. They close more than $500K in deals AND close 10 transactions of $1M in value or greater

Note: these are RSUs with a vesting period of three years.

6.  Elite Agent Cultural Award

Top earning agents who have achieved Elite Status are subsequently eligible for an additional stock award of $8K if they give back to the entire agent population by teaching monthly topics at the Real Academy. Note: All topics must be approved in advance.


Note:  these are RSUs with a vesting period of three years and agent must remain in good standing and all qualifiers must be met within a single anniversary year.


7.  Revenue Share Income

Real chooses to give their marketing dollars back to their agents for helping them grow the company. Agents who refer agents to Real are considered sponsors and are eligible for a pre-defined portion of their 15% split. The below revenue share model is unique to Real because higher percentages are awarded for the initial tiers of agents. Real uses a top-down model to reward agents early on, whereas many other brokerages use a bottom-up model.

Real also introduced the ability to co-sponsor agents which allows for a term called “inifinite rev share.” When you co-sponsor an agent with another Real sponsor, you have the ability to create new tiers and thus new revenue share options. That agent has the ability to be co-sponsored by two agents who may offer different benefits and insights for that agent. Revenue share also has many other cool aspects including the passive income and the fact it is willable.

8.  Attracting Shares

Agents are eligible to earn additional stock awards when they directly attract another agent to Real, and the attracted agent completes their first qualified transaction with a minimum GCI of $2,000.

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