My experience with REAL’s Healthcare option

Coming soon on Agent Biohack! Estimated blog launch date: May June 21, 2024.

Heather Connor breaks down her experience with REAL’s healthcare, the coverage and some of the benefits. As well, she has a unique perspective of how this plan works in a traditional city-setting with high-access to health-care providers as well as how the plan works when you live in a more remote location (like the high mountains of Colorado.) In the end, she’ll summarize her overall thoughts and if she plans to stick with the plan.

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Heather Connor,  Associate Broker with REAL Broker, LLC. Crested Butte, Colorado. 619.333.7412.

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Heather Connor, your Agent BioHack host

REALTOR® Crested Butte, CO, San Diego, CA, lic #02205880, Assoc Broker, Real Broker LLC RSPS® MCNE®


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