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Released every Tuesday morning at 7am Mountain Time

Agent BioHack Live Zoom Workshops

Our small-group workshops will focus on the complete build-out from beginning to end on one of our high-level strategies.  No pre-work is ever required so you can just show up, relax, and know that we will have everything ready for you. Show up, build together and walk away with a completed resource.
REAL Agents have a special pricing code.

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Agent BioHack Coffee Meet Ups

REAL Cafe has a fluctuating event location. Text Heather Connor directly for confirmation. 619.333.7412 

Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado

San Diego, California


San Diego, California


San Diego, California

Agent BioHack Adventure Meet Ups

Location changes based on event.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Maroon Bells Hike in the stunning mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado.  Contact Heather Connor for details. 619.333.7412 

July 2024

Contact us for Group Hike Details

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