About Heather Connor

Hello fellow agent friends,

Heather here as your Agent BioHack host! 

Prior to REAL, I was with another cloud-based brokerage. To be transparent, I was really happy at my previous brokerage.  It was a lot of little decisions that ultimately led me to REAL and it helped to chat it out with someone. So if you are in a similar situation, feel free to book a private call with me and it will stay confidential. You can request a call by clicking here.

I’ve also included a comprehensive set of resources that further explain the basics such as the commission splits and infinite/willable revenue share. There are a lot of aspects including stock options, the real retirement plan, health insurance for agents and other items that may be of interest. Of course,there are a lot of resources on our Agent Biohack site that were created just for you and other fellow real estate agents.  My goal is to help elevate your life, health and happiness with tools, tips and techniques I have learned from some of the industry’s brightest minds in real estate. 

If you’re interested in learning more just reach out.

Heather Connor – Licensed Agent in Crested Butte, Colorado | San Diego, California

Active Sponsor for Real Broker and your host at Agent BioHack.

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