Real Estate Mastery through Health & Strategy

Hello everyone and welcome to the Agent Biohack community! If you’re interested in both traditional and non-conventional ways to elevate your real estate career & personal life, come join.

In this community, we dive into technology, systems and automations. We explore how REAL’s Revenue Share & the concept of Infinite Banking can powerfully aid in your income-stacking toolkit to create immediate and future generational wealth. 

I personally incorporate numerous biohacking aspects to support my own self-care at a high level. I bring in professionals who discuss the science behind stress de-escalation. Imagine having a tool in your mental pocket so you can show up clear-headed for your next client. Or utilize so you bring less of your work stress into your home life. These are real events that matter in our day-to-day life and have a direct impact on our health, wealth and happiness.  I’m always curious how to create an expotential shift in my own business and health. If this sounds like your cup of tea, come join and be a part of a group where we are constantly learning with and from each other and having fun along the way.

Heather Connor | Your host at Agent Biohack | Broker Associate & Active Sponsor for REAL Broker, LLC | Crested Butte, Colorado. 

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