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The real estate industry is changing, and Real is revolutionizing how you work, build wealth, and thrive.

Real is anything but your typical brokerage and there’s a reason why we are the fastest-growing publicly-traded brokerage.

In case you are wondering why, I believe it’s due to many reasons, including the agent-centric focus. A better agent-experience means happier agents and there is a strong focus on agent growth and support. Real also offers it’s agents multiple ways to build wealth, so you can build a financial future for yourself and your loved ones.  In this article we are covering the 8 ways that Real helps you build wealth.

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States, DC, 4 Canadian Provinces


Licensed Real Estate Agents Across the Company, Fastest Growing Publicly-Traded Company


Value of Homes Sold in the Last 12 months (Q1/2024)

Why Real?

The real estate world is changing quickly, but our commitment to our agents is unwavering. We are focused on providing our agents the opportunity to build generational wealth, connect them with top thought leaders in our growing global network to facilitate learning, and to help them stand out as difference makers in their communities.

There is no better time to join Real and our community.  


In this video, Sharran shares his 11 favorite things about REAL Broker. [Click video to watch]

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The Real Advantage

Build your business

Start with the best splits in the business, no monthly fees, and low caps. Add in passive revenue share income (willable to your heirs), profit sharing, equity stakes, and rewards. With Real, you’re incentivized to excel.

Grow Your Network & Impact

Our community is fueled by kindness and collaboration. With hundreds of live, daily classes and mastermind groups in Real Academy, we support your success and reward you for mentoring others.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

We built our proprietary, industry-leading, AI-powered technology specifically for you, now and in the future. Stress less and produce more with all you need to manage your deals, documents, and other due diligence at your fingertips.

We Grow Together

Real was founded on the idea that agents work hard enough—it’s time the industry kept up with your ambition and work ethic. As the fastest-growing, publicly traded company, we’re committed to continuously innovating solutions to help you thrive today and in the future.

Real Support For Your Life

Real believes that the company’s long-term success is linked to the continued success of its agents. To help ensure that success, Real has focused on delivering programs that support Real agents and their families throughout their careers and beyond that focus on healthcare, retirement, and more.

A Winning Model for Agents & Teams

How Real supercharges brokerages and teams

Real’s ProTeams solution lets you keep your current model and agreements intact, while Real’s Private Label program allows you to maintain the brand you’ve developed over the years. With both options, you can still enjoy the advantages of partnering with Real.

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Real was founded in 2014 by Tamir Poleg and is now led by a top leadership team which includes: industry leader Sharran Srivatsaa, technology innovator Pritesh Damani, Jenna Rozenblat as COO, Michelle Kessler as CFO, Dre Madden as chief marketing officer, and Alix Lumpkin as general counsel.

Real was created and operates by a leadership team who understand the limitations of the brokerage-agent relationship. This cloud-based brokerage is agent-centric and is shown through their top-down revenue share model, award-winning and rapidly advancing technology and in general, the true culture collaboration of the agents themselves.

Real operates in all 50 states + DC + Canada.

Real is betting big on your success by giving you more:

1) Real’s empowering business model puts more money in your hands, with generous splits, more ways to earn money, and ownership opportunities to build a more secure future.

2) Real’s technology allows you to easily manage your business from anywhere in the world.

3) Real’s engaged agent community is built on kindness and is focused on helping you build with meaning and purpose.

If you’re motivated to build your own business, you are independent, self-driven, and you’d like to keep more of your commission while also accessing free, best-in-class technology tools and support, then Real is the brokerage you’re looking for.

While traditional brokerages focus on agent commissions, Real offers 8 different ways for agents to build wealth in which their commission check is only one. (Although Real does offer one of the most generous commission splits in the industry.)

Personally, the reason I joined was for many little reasons. Ultimately all of those reasons combine into what I call the culture of Real’s leadership and agents. This is the most forward-thinking, fastest-growing and collaborative real estate brokerage I have experienced.

Real offers hundreds of live, daily learning opportunities from classes to mastermind groups in Real Academy. Real agents regularly hold both in-person and live event trainings all over the US and Canada as well.

I believe the training and resources we have access to is truly phenomenal. I first learned about and saw Sharran speak in New Orleans at a real estate event. I was so blown away at the level of his content and who he was that I still have some of those video clips to this day. The ability for us all to learn not only from Sharran himself, but also the top-tier, high-performance individuals that make up Real is truly world-class.

You can click here and schedule a confidential one-on-one call with me. I personally found it helpful to be able to chat it out with someone else. If you have a unique scenario, we can map out a strategy together and see if Real is the right fit for you.

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We know you worked hard on your brand and reputation and Real’s Private Label Program may be the perfect solution for you.

Real’s ProTeams solution allows you to maintain your existing model and agreements and Real’s Private Label program allows you to keep the brand you’ve spent years building. You also gain access to award winning technology, Real’s ProTeam solution, as well as the numerous other benefits that Real offers its agents.

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Real is far from a traditional brokerage and many agents find that the generous commission split may be the least exciting factor. What I mean is the wealth building opportunities available for agents expands to unconventional benefits such as; stock share programs, bonus awards and the ability to build perpetual passive income known as Revenue Share. There are so many more benefits beyond the 8 listed in my blog below, however, it’s a great start so you can see what an agent-centric brokerage can truly offer.

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Health Insurance
‍Agents throughout the US and Canada have access to convenient, discounted medical, dental, vision, and other specialty coverage plans for less than what’s available on the public market.

As an agent that works in two vastly different markets, I have a unique view and opinion on the healthcare option offered through Real.  To summarize, it’s comprehensive and has worked in both my remote mountain location as well as the large city. If you have more questions on this, you may enjoy the blog My Honest Opinion on Real’s Healthcare for Agents.

‍Real Retirement
Real believes that the company’s long-term success is linked to the continued success of its agents. To ensure your success extends beyond your career, Real has established a program that enables agents to continue generating income in retirement. The program which launched in 2024, grants those who have been a producing agent with the company the ability to collect their monthly revenue share payments after they are no longer actively representing clients.

Willable Revenue Share
‍Real is always looking out for their agents—and that includes looking out for their legacies through Willable Revenue Share. This allows Real agents are able to plan for the financial future of their loved ones.

One Real Impact
One Real Impact is Real’s agent assistance fund that works to provide financial grants to Real agents when they need it the most. Any agent with Real can apply for a monetary grant funded by Real and their fellow agents.

PS: A grant from One Real Impact is never a loan and the funds do not need to be paid back. Agents can apply for a grant during natural disasters, personal disasters, moments of hardship, and all funds are tax-exempt.

The Real Wallet
Real Wallet is a first-of-its-kind fintech product that centralizes the functionality of a debit card, credit card, reward points, and an array of additional perks to offer agents a new way to unlock financing sources that were not previously available to them.

With the development of Real Wallet, Real is not only redefining how agents manage their finances, but also helping them to maximize their earnings.

The Real Wealth Plan
The Real Wealth Plan allows agents to set financial goals and creates a clear roadmap that simplifies how to achieve these goals. It takes into account multiple wealth-building opportunities, such as revenue-sharing and stock incentives. This tool is simple yet powerful as it allows you to see potential impacts to your business and easily adjust so you can meet your 5-year wealth goals.

And So Much More…
Real offers its agents top technology that is constantly evolving, numerous ways to build wealth, phenomenal support and education, as well as access to other programs such as Real Mortgage and Real Title.

There are so many resources available that are not covered here and if you are curious about what Real can offer you, I suggest scheduling a 20-minute strategy call. Click here to schedule or you can contact me directly at 619.333.7412 (call or text).

Your Agent BioHack host Heather Connor, active sponsor for REAL Broker. Real estate professional in Crested Butte, Colorado & San Diego, California.



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Heather Connor, host of Agent BioHack and active sponsor for REAL Broker. Real estate professional in Crested Butte, Colorado & San Diego, California.

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